10 Years, +1K Meditations, 2 World Crisis,1 +Month of Confinement

A while ago – June 2017 to be precise – I wrote a piece about my life learnings where I visited memory lane and reviewed my previous +7 years in Brazil. Today, almost three years later, I sit down to ponder again and to reflect on the new reality that has taken the world by storm, some accomplishments and the new routine that has brought … Continue reading 10 Years, +1K Meditations, 2 World Crisis,1 +Month of Confinement

2017… 2018

Another year has gone by. Changes: Good-byes to loved ones who went towards new horizons Meditation comeback (Tamara Levitt + Calm.com + Binaural Waves) Meatless eating habits (It all started at Garam Massala) New job (RNWK) Swimming comeback (Manoel dos Santos) Loving cryptos New readings & ponderings (thanks, Candice Pascoal) Living a sci-fi era: Sophia, Back-flip-jump robot, aliens… So what will the year 2018 bring? … Continue reading 2017… 2018

The Year of Mobile Health

2016 was the year of various paradigms to be broken and, also, the year of foreseen-trends to become true and tangible. The rise of mobile is here to stay and it is certainly building up a revolution to providing access to information, acceleration of commerce and a whole new level of user experiences; some of them led by the mutation of its conventional use – … Continue reading The Year of Mobile Health