10 Years, +1K Meditations, 2 World Crisis,1 +Month of Confinement

A while ago – June 2017 to be precise – I wrote a piece about my life learnings where I visited memory lane and reviewed my previous +7 years in Brazil. Today, almost three years later, I sit down to ponder again and to reflect on the new reality that has taken the world by storm, some accomplishments and the new routine that has brought … Continue reading 10 Years, +1K Meditations, 2 World Crisis,1 +Month of Confinement

2017… 2018

Another year has gone by. Changes: Good-byes to loved ones who went towards new horizons Meditation comeback (Tamara Levitt + Calm.com + Binaural Waves) Meatless eating habits (It all started at Garam Massala) New job (RNWK) Swimming comeback (Manoel dos Santos) Loving cryptos New readings & ponderings (thanks, Candice Pascoal) Living a sci-fi era: Sophia, Back-flip-jump robot, aliens… So what will the year 2018 bring? … Continue reading 2017… 2018

Why will Sophia change the world?

Much is being written about AI and Robots, their capabilities, how they are improving week by week and the potential benefits that they will have in our human lives, will they? I believe they will. However, there are some key aspects, that seem to be underseen with all the fanfare around the initial glow of the ground-breaking milestone attributed to a Robot (intelligent or not) … Continue reading Why will Sophia change the world?